right now in the womb...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Couples Baby Shower

This past Sunday was our couples baby shower. I wanted to include Bradley in the gift getting, especially since we are having a boy. The chance of rain put us indoors for the party, but it was a blast anyway. We have some awesome friends and family.

Travis got tons of clothes, blankets, bibs, keepsakes and bath items.

Here are some pictures from the event -

THANK YOU!!! to all of our great family and friends! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Udder Covers

Right now you can get a free nursing smock by using the promo code "backorder" at uddercovers.com Just pay $8.95 shipping/handling. This is a great baby shower gift if you are not expecting or a great gift for yourself if you are! I don't know how long the offer is good for - so shop now!

It's the final countdown...

I hit my 30 week mark yesterday, meaning we can now start counting down from ten. It's almost a little scary. I'm not quite ready for it to be over. It has really flown by. So far I've been well, I did catch a bug this past week but it was just a 24 hour thing. I slept a lot and now I'm just dealing with getting my appetite back. Which shouldn't take too long!

Tomorrow we have our first shower. It's a couples shower and I am so excited. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun and the rain will hold off so we can have it outside.

I had contractions about two weeks ago, but they were sporadic and I only had about 5 or so before they went away. It was a very stressful and emotional week so I am guessing that is what brought them on. I wasn't scared of going into pre-term labor when they hit me, I was most scared because it was during the work day and I didn't know where Bradley was. HA! Isn't that awful?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yikes Stripes!

The stripes were... fun. No really, they weren't that bad. I love the way they turned out! I'm now ready to get all the furniture finished and the curtains hung. It's my favorite room of the house. There's something about a nursery that just makes you feel at home :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

How do you explain that??

You know... those overly emotional moments where you really don't know why you're crying but you know the only thing that will cure it is hugging a sweet child. And by hugging I mean kidnapping someone else's because yours isn't here yet. They won't mind!! Right??

Yesterday I was at my monthly check up. It had already been a bad day. I fell into a nasty car water rain puddle. I do not know HOW I survived with no pain or injury. My entire left side was submerged in the icky water. I guess my purse padded my hip. So I was sitting in the waiting room purel-ing my entire body and sniffing, when a mom walked in with her son. He was probably two and such a cutie. Also such a boy, swinging from the check in counter and climbing onto the chairs. They set down together and she began to fill out the "So you had a positive pregnancy test?" papers while her son pulled out a fruit roll up and said "maaaama? you wants a payce??". I lost it. I am teary eyed right now just typing it. That sweet boy wanted to share with his mama. She was too deep in her writing and probably battling sickness and said "no" without even looking up and he proceeded to unwrap it, wad it into a ball and stuff it into his mouth. Sighhhhhh.......

If you are wondering about my fall - we're fine. Travis stays on my right side so falling on my left side was for the best. He was moving around by the time we got into the waiting room so I knew he was alright. He did play a trick on the nurse assistant though. She was trying to find him on the dopplar and couldn't. She even asked me when the last time I felt him move was, and I told her just minutes ago and to check really low on my right side. The second she discovered him, he started kicking violently at the dopplar. How cute. I just imagined him all balled up in the bottom of my womb thinking, "there it is again....". She laughed and said "Well I guess he doesn't like that!". He did the same thing at my ultrasound, which was hilarious because we could see him kicking and punching it and then moving to the other side.

Meals definitly only last me about 3 hours now. If that. So I have to go now :)

Paint Woes

I am horrible at picking out paint. No... stores are horrible at naming paint. I knew what I wanted, I could see it in my head. Was it a paint option? No. Why name something "sidewalk thoughts". What the crap color is that?!?! I carried around a sidewalk thoughts paint chip for at least an hour. In my hand it was gray, under the special light they have shining down on all the colors, it was brown. Ok... so... what?? Im supposed to take this special light home and use it in my boy's room? I finally traded in "sidewalk thoughts" for "darby creek". Once again... what the crap kinda color is that??? Who comes up with this?!?!!? I wasn't 100% sure about it... but at this point I was ready to leave the store. The guy mixed it up and it was soooooo pale. He and I both were like "uhhh thats not right." After he finger dotted it on the lid and dried it, it got a little darker so I figured what the heck, it's already mixed up and I am not standing here for another hour looking at oddly named colors.

The color is actually perfect, just what I was envisioning. Kinda chocolate milk colored but kinda oatmeal colored. It's going to look perfect with his dark furniture and dusty blue paint striping.

After - but still Before the stripes:

We are now in the process of putting the furniture together while the paint gets good and dry... and we get mentally prepared for the applying the stripes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

did you "know"???

Before we found out that our baby was a boy people would always ask me, "What do you feel like it is?". Uhhh... a baby??? I didn't know how to answer that and at the same time it made me question my intuition as a mother. A lot of women would go on to tell me that they knew exactly what their baby was the whole time and the ultrasound did not surprise them one bit. I say that is luck. I even tried comparing my pregnancy to other friends pregnancies and if anything mine matched up with the friends carrying girls.

So, did you "know"???